Grape Bubble-Gum -- Beth Bowland

Grape Bubblegum

13-year-old Beatrice Peppercorn's heart's desires are to finish her final year in middle school, win the heart of her cutie pie crush, and take home the trophy for the spelling competition. Simple, right? Not when Beatrice's arch nemesis gets in her way and a new kid arrives--turning her world upside down.

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butterflyThis book is soooooooooo cute and funny and romantic and dramatic and everything that a young teen loves in a book. I loved it and couldn't put it down! I read for the longest time under my covers at night. I SERIOUSLY loved, loved, loved this book. It is full of romantic moments that make you tingle inside and feel warm and fuzzy all over! I SERIOUSLY recommend this book!!!!! 

butterflyGrape Bubblegum is an adorable and fun read about being in the 8th grade - in so many ways you're at the top of the ladder yet it feels like you're hanging on for dear life! I really enjoyed each of the girls personalities and all of the characters were fully fleshed and so real it brought back horrors.

butterflyI loved this book and was hooked when I saw the main character's name-Beatrice Peppercorn. This just took me back to when I was in middle school and all of the drama that was real and not so real. All of Beatrice's adventures, with and without her friend Shannan made me keep reading to see what would happen next. The boyfriend problems, the Spelling Bee and her trying to help the mysterious new boy just made this a fun, easy read. The author's ability to write the characters who seem so real is just amazing!