To Billie with Love -- Beth Bowland

To Billie With Love

Attending a funeral was not how Billie Reynolds planned to celebrate her twelfth birthday. After arriving in Texas for the funeral, she finds herself stranded in the middle of her very own mystery, when odd looks and whispers seem to happen whenever she enters a room. And Billie isn’t getting any answers from her grandmother, who has been her guardian for as long as Billie can remember.

Billie soon discovers that her mother, who abandoned her as a toddler, has resurfaced only to leave a trail of unanswered questions about why she left.  Billie learns that her “crazy” Uncle Roscoe, who mysteriously disappeared in the 1940s and did not return for thirty years, is somehow tied to her mother and could possibly hold the answers she’s been searching for.

But the secrets of the past are closer than Billie thinks, and they’re bringing trouble that Billie isn’t ready to face.

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